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Eating too much sugar is associated with high risk of diabetes, obesity, and heart disease. But again, it’s delicious. So how do you know if you’re eating too much sugar? Well if you’re exercising regularly and eating healthy, then having a couple of cookies here and there won’t hurt you. The American Heart Association recommends limiting your daily added sugar intake to 6-9 teaspoons a day. To give you a comparison there are about 10 teaspoons of added sugar in one 12 ounce can of soda! So if you’re downing 3 sodas a day or eating a package of cookies in one sitting then maybe you want to start thinking about limiting your sugar intake, and here are some ways in which you can!

1. Have a reasonable amount of the thing you crave on a regular basis and savor it. When you binge on foods you’ve been craving, people tend to enjoy the letting go part rather than what they’re actually eating which tends to make them eat more in order to relish the taste.

2. Train yourself not to stress eat by practicing being around tempting foods when you’re relaxed. Let’s face it, a lot of us eat sugary foods when we’re stressed, sad, or emotional. By being around foods that tempt us in times of relaxation we can better learn to control our cravings.

3. Probably don’t go cold turkey or eliminate carbs. This is probably the worst thing you can do. Eliminating food groups all together tends to make us depressed and binge eat even more. Gradually cut back on these foods and remember: it’s okay to have in moderation.

4. Don’t look to artificial sweeteners to address your cravings. Artificial sweeteners are actually worse for you than the real deal (and doesn’t taste as good).

5. Be wary of relying on “healthy versions” of sweets. This is an awesome alternative to some of your favorite desserts but be careful; sometimes we tend to talk ourselves into having that slice of pizza because we ate a healthier muffin earlier.

Remember, not everyone has to limit their sugar intake so look at your lifestyle and decide what’s best for you. Maybe try one or two of these tips to begin with and go from there.

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The answer is YES!! I know no one wants to hear this, especially during the summertime when fruit is at it’s best, but it has to be said. The reason you’re not losing weight could be because you’re overeating too much fruit. While fruit is full of vitamin C and antioxidants, it’s also packed full of fructose which is that bad sugar that our bodies can’t digest. The recommended serving size of fruit each day is about 1/2 cup which is the size of the palm of your hand. Here are some signs that you may be eating too much fruit.

You’re Frequently Bloated

Fruit is a classic trigger for bloating and here’s why. Fruit is rich in a type of sugar called fructose. Unfortunately, many of us are not well equipped to digest and absorb large amounts of fructose. Researchers believe up to 40% of people suffer from a condition called fructose malabsorption in which fructose is inefficiently absorbed across the small intestine. So instead of nourishing us, sometimes fruit sits in the gut and ferments with the help of bacteria. And the result of those bacteria feasting on fructose is a lot of gas and bloating that makes us feel pretty icky.

You Can’t Lose Weight

I agree that fruit is a healthier alternative to many desserts and junk foods, but if fruit is a staple item at every meal and snack, you may simply be eating too many carbohydrates to allow your body to lose weight. In brief, any time we eat carbohydrates our blood sugar goes up. That triggers our body to release insulin to lower the blood sugar. How does it do that? By converting it to fat for storage!

You Always Crave Sugar

Not only does eating fruit spike your blood sugar, as explained above, it also doesn’t sustain it for very long. If you have fruit by itself as a snack, you might notice that you’re satisfied for 30 minutes or so, but soon after your tummy starts growling. That’s because fruit doesn’t come packaged with much protein or fat to keep us sated. Yes, it has fiber, which helps a bit, but it’s not enough to prevent a crash in blood sugar after eating fruit.

What happens when our blood sugar tanks? We get hungry and we get cravings.

Now I love fruit as much as the next person and I’m not saying cut it out completely, but just be mindful of how much you’re eating if you’re not seeing the results you want! Try to stick to the recommended two servings a day and you’ll soon be on the way to a healthier you!

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