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Happy National Cheeseburger Day everyone! Who doesn’t love a good, juicy hamburger straight from the grill. Slap on your favorite cheese and you have every American’s favorite meal. But before you go and gorge out on those delicious hand friendly foods, check out these tips on how you can make that burger just a tiny bit healthier.  Also check out the picture for one of my ultimate favorite burgers. It’s the Ahi Tuna burger from Hopdoddy right here in Austin, TX. Go check it out!

Tips for Making a Healthier Burger

Whatever type of burger you make, before you fire up the grill, keep these tricks in mind to amp up the flavor and the benefits of your meal.

  • Swap plain, protein-rich Greek yogurt or smashed avocado (a superfood in our book!) in place of mayo for a healthier spread.
  • Use whole-wheat breadcrumbs instead of white, or try ground nuts (such as hazelnut or almond) for a healthier filler that’s also gluten-free.
  • Add fresh herbs to your burger for a healthy, low-calorie flavor-booster.
  • Sneak more veggie servings into your day by tossing chopped spinach or other leafy greens into the burger mixture, or add as a topping.
  • Spice up a burger with sriracha, hot sauce, or chipotle-infused spreads for lots of low-calorie heat and a little metabolism boost.
  • Choose healthy spreads and condiments for your burger fromthis list. Some of our favorites: mustard, homemade ketchup, or even homemade ranch.
  • Go easy on the cheese. Skip the fat-free stuff, because “no fat” means it won’t melt easily. Instead, choose a small portion of your favorite kind, fat and all. If you’ve got a block of cheese instead of thin slices, try grating it for even coverage.
  • Make your own bun with whole-wheat flour—you’ll avoid preservatives and get a fiber boost, to boot. Or go bun-less and serve a burger in a lettuce wrap, on top of a salad, or even between two slices of zucchini.



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