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The WCR of Austin will be hosting the Bras 4 A Cause event benefiting the Breast Cancer Research Center of Austin on Tuesday, October 4th @ 7pm.

We are hoping to raise money, raise awareness and provide a little bit of laughter along the way!

We are still looking for a few more sponsors, so if you feel this is something you would be interested in let me know.

If you would like to purchase tickets or a table in honor/memory of a loved one (or anyone you know) affected by breast cancer, please contact me and I would love to help you out.

Also, if you would be willing to share your story for many others to find inspiration from please email me at kathydelacruz@remax.net or post in the comments section.

Thank you all for your help! Lets make this a fun night for a VERY worthy cause!

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Because it’s good for you, that’s why!

Good Morning All!

It is a cloudy day here in Austin, but beautiful non-the less.

There is so much action going on around here this morning with ACL starting today and tons of people migrating in for the music festival’s 10th anniversary.

I know it can be tough to stay on a workout routine while away from home, and with so many visitors coming in from out of town I thought I would share a few ideas for ways to enjoy the city, and get some exercise while not actually “exercising.”  Enjoy!

Walk or bike to your destination instead of driving or taking a cab

And with the weather being so pleasant lately, it would be silly not to at least try this option. Austin is a very pedestrian friendly town, with plenty of bike lanes and sidewalks. Besides getting good exercise, bicyclists can park free at their destination and help ease road congestion.

Check out the City of Austin’s Bicycle and Pedestrian Program for more information:


Visit one of Austin’s beautiful parks to take a dip in the river

Photo courtesy of Ellis Goodwin http://trackdayonline.blogspot.com/

My favorite spot in Austin is the Roy G. Guerrero, Colorado River Metropolitan Park located off of Grove Blvd.

To get to this hidden beach you must first walk down a trail filled with mixed terrain and slopes. Once you get past the short walk you are rewarded with a sandy beach and cool water.

I personally like to get in and jog against the current in order to maximize my exercise efforts. (As does Dexter!)

Photo courtesy of Ellis Goodwin http://trackdayonline.blogspot.com/

In addition, the Town Lake Hike and Bike Trail is an AWESOME choice. I know I mentioned it on my last post, but due to ACL you’ll be able to hear live music from your favorite bands making it even better this weekend!

Here is the Austin Park Directory for you to decide which to try:


Take a Walking Tour of Austin

This city is FILLED with history! And what better way to discover it than to take a tour of the “Live Music Capital of the World.”

Visit http://www.austintexas.org/visitors/heritage/ for more History of Austin information, or pick up a free guide from the visitors center located at 209 E. 6th Street.

Now go enjoy the weekend!

And if you find yourself falling in love with the Austin culture, check out my website www.ATXMoveNow.com for homes for sale and relocation information!

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There are SO many beauty products for your skin out there ranging from just a few dollars to hundreds of dollars, but how does the average consumer know which one is best? It can be a tough decision to make. Diving into the skin product market can be confusing and can often lead to wasting money on things that don’t work, or simply buying over-priced products.

Did you know that simply changing your diet can improve your skin, while also trimming your waistline? I knew a little about it, but I leaned much more today by reading this article online.  Here is a list of the foods they mentioned…

  1. Red Bell Pepper
  2. Sweet Potatoes
  3. Shrimp
  4. Avocado
  5. Kale
  6. Wild Salmon
  7. Wheat Germ

Click here to see details.

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I recently participated in hosting a successful Austin Board of Realtors Fan Drive. We collected over 36 fans to give to senior citizens and those in need. Donations were delivered to the elderly care center located on Hancock Drive.

If you know of someone who could benefit from these items, contact the center! – Family Eldercare located in Allandale.

2210 Hancock Drive
Austin, TX 78756-2509
(512) 450-0844

Special thanks to Greg Petrosewitz and Chad Cardani for your help!

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