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I think as people we’re so busy taking care of other people that we forget to take care of ourselves. It’s important that unless you’re physically, mentally, and emotionally happy you can’t function to your full ability. Here are some tips that I have found make me a stronger person and I hope that you find things in them to make yourself a little better- physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Volunteer. You may think that you’re too busy to volunteer, but I promise you that, just like working out or having a creative outlet, devoting your time to someone other than yourself is hugely important in keeping yourself centered. And listen, this is not even slightly the reason why you should volunteer, but imagine how it’ll feel the first time someone at a party asks you, “What have you been up to?” and you respond, “Volunteering at ______! It’s amazing.” It’s a pretty lovely and distinctive feeling.

Give yourself Downtime. Me time, as I’m defining it, is how you accumulate mental energy — not physical energy, and not social energy, but mental energy. It’s a pleasant way to spend time that is not productive, as cleaning or going to the gym is. It’s just straight-up indulgent stuff that you do for you and you only — and it doesn’t tax your brain.

Create and Maintain Rituals. The important thing for rituals is that you (1) make them clear and simple, (2) communicate them to the person you want to ritual it up with (if it’s not a solo ritual), and (3) enact them regularly.

Calm and Refocus Yourself. When you are overwhelmed or stressed and need relief right now, try this: Inhale for a count of seven, hold your breath for a count of seven, and exhale for a count of seven. Do this several times, and once you feel a bit calmer, it’s time to get some distance. Finding mundane things to occupy your brain is a terrific, simple way to emotionally back out from whatever hole you find yourself in.


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